The top 24 mutual funds covered by this calculator add up to $826.8 billion or 21 percent of all mutual fund holdings in the United States. The list of the top 24 mutual funds is based on data from Yahoo! Finance. The top holdings of the mutual funds are drawn from Morningstar. The global warming-related reports about the major funds' top 25 holdings are provided by KLD Research & Analytics, which manages the KLD Domini 400 Social Index (DS 400 Index).

By making this calculator available to the public, Results For America hopes to give investors information they can use to assess the extent to which their mutual funds do or do not contain major holdings that are endangered by the financial risks posed by global warming, including damage to brand identity, failure to compete with rivals investing in renewable energy and other forward-looking strategies, the rise of governmental or private litigation, and the cost of increasing regulatory requirements. To learn more about global warming, go to

Important note: The information displayed has been selected by Results for America from the KLD SOCRATES database and is not intended to reflect the full information available from KLD about the company or companies in questions.

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